Yes it does. It is very important to empty the stove from the water as well in case there are minus degrees outside. Otherwise it may cause irreparable damages to the furnace. The water circulates between the hot tub and the stove using principle of gravity. As there is not much water inside the external stove, please note the following:
* Ensure that the furnace could not freeze completely;
* Empty the furnace completely when it is expected not to use it for a longer time. To empty the furnace, close the hot tub connections and open the drain plug of the furnace or empty the furnace and the hot tub at the same time.
* When the furnace is accidentally frozen definitely do not start heating!
* Irreparable damage may occur! Uninstall the furnace from the barrel, let it thaw completely and then fill with water. After it is done you can start heating again.

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